Committed to research and development of the communication network
physical connection equipment research and development.

OST imported a lot of advanced finishing equipment and optical passive components of the production instruments and equipment, which has superior production conditions.
OST provides the following products for large amount of network telecommunication operators: intelligent ODN equipment, fiber optic distribution frame (ODF), digital distribution frame (DDF), fiber optic cross-connect cabinet, integrated network cabinet, console, screen wall and other high-quality products. Products are widely used in military and other major telecommunications network.




Worry about

Focus on
system equipment

Steady for 18 years

OST Management philosophy & purpose

Based on ‘build the brand with credibility and integrity, create the future with science and technology’, OST will continue the innovation and strive to become a modern enterprise with first-class production environment, technological innovation and excellent management. OST always adheres to ‘create value for customers, offer opportunity for employees and produce wealth for society’. We constantly strive to develop into a domestic first-class fiber optic digital physical connection supplier.

Modern plant equipment

Efficient superb assembly line

Integrity management
win hearts

Innovation to
win the market
OST develops a experienced, skilled and excellent team

with first-class service for every users at all times.

Prove with data  Insist on independent R&D
Master the core technology

OST insists on independent R&D with rich achievements, including 23 intellectual property rights, 2 patents, 9 utility model patents, 12 authorized software copyrights. OST has a team with more than 400 members, while there are more than 70% members has senior titles and college degree (or above)

Founded in Wuxi 18-year history

11 million㎡
The new factory is about
to be put into use
Modern office building

Countries and regions to be chosen
High reputation good sales all
around the world

400+ people
OST elite team
With core competitive
power of talent

Independent intellectual
property rights Independent R&D  Master
the core technology

AAA level
Bank credit rating

Operate step by step win triumphantly.

OST developed steadily since establishment. In recent years,

OST replies on the the rapid development of telecommunication market, the company’s performance has become leaps and bounds.

The income of high-tech networks products accounted for more than 80%,

which is among the best within Jiangsu, even in the whole country. The market share of products take more than 10%.

OST, 18-year development process

OST constantly breaks and challenges itself, never gives up.
OST wins the honor and trust because of the pursuit of excellence.

1999 May

Wuxi Orient Rising Sun Telecom

System Equipment Co.LTD was

established in 1999.

2006 June  

OST got the identification of

ISO9001 system.

2008 Febrary  

OST was identified as

‘Wuxi AAA trustworthy enterprise’

2005 November
The factory was built in Hu Dai South
Industrial Park  and put into operation.

2012 December

OST factory in Hudai North Industrial Park

was built and put into operation.

2012 August

OST was identified as

High-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province

2013 April

OST won ‘2012 Wuxi High-growth

technology enterprise’

2013 November

Wuxi enterprise technology center

was set up in OST.

2015 January
Cooperated with Wuxi CIty
Vocational and technical college,
‘Doctor Workstations’ is established.

2013 June  

OST was identified as ‘Jiangsu technology and

engineering research center of intelligent fiber

optical control system’

2013 December

the company was identified as

‘Jiangsu science and technology SMEs’.

2014 October
OST was rewarded as
‘excellent intellectual property enterprise’

2015 February
OST was rewarded as
‘the top 10 innovative enterprises in 2014’

OST was rewarded as
‘Industrial growth type enterprises’

To be continued

Accompany with OST
Witness every step of achievement
Share every joy of OST

2011 September

OST got the identification of

ISO14001 AND ISO28001 system.

2012 May

OST was identified as ‘Jiangsu private

technology enterprises’

OST main products & customer services

Fiber optic cross connect cabinet, fiber optic splice closure, terminal box, network cabinet, optical branching products, pigtails, optical distribution frame (ODF), digital distribution frame (DDF), integrated network cabinet, console,
screen wall and other high-quality products.
Products are widely used in China Telecom, China Netcom, China Unicom, CTT, China radio and television ,
military and other major communication network. High quality products, reasonable prices, high-quality services, has won widespread praise of users.

1 Lilac East Road, Hudai, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China